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Cartek International Co., is a manufacturer of filters and brake discs for cars, trucks, farm vehicles and construction machinery. In our extensive catalogue, you’ll find air filters, cabin filters, filter elements, and brake discs. We also help our partners export brake pads, spin-on oil filters, and fuel filters. Eighty percent of Cartek’s products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, South America, North America, and Africa. Cartek’s brand continues to grow in recognition thanks to customers’ positive word of mouth.

From our manufacturing facility on a 15,000 square meter site in Leling City of Shandong Province, we produce 26 million auto parts on an annual basis. Customers can be confident that what they buy from us is certified under TS16949 quality management standards.

Our filters are highly praised for their marketing appearance, dust holding capacity, and prolonged service life. This includes filters for passenger cars, heavy duty vehicles, farm vehicles, and equipment sets.

The microcomputer-controlled glue applicator has automatic adjustable settings for different filter materials, and unique thermostatic temperature control heats the glue storage tank, ensuring an even and stable chemical reaction.

The vertical injection molding machine works precisely, stably, and with a temperature control accuracy of ±0.5°C.

We use a variety of welding machines such as the ultrasonic welder, hot plate welter and infrared welder, to produce a complete range of ECO oil and fuel filter elements.

Spin-on oil filter production line features high efficiency and low consumption. The procedures of stretching, stamping, welding, folding, sealing, degreasing, painting, leakage testing, drying, and printing, all use automatic or semi-automatic equipment to ensure product accuracy and improve labor efficiency.

Brake Disc
From our 2007 beginnings, Cartek has been committed to manufacturing quality brake discs for cars, trucks, and buses. In 2014 we began to apply for the E-mark and now are doing all we can to speed up the process of more items becoming E-Mark certified.
Our research team keeps up-to-date on the latest braking technology, and continually look for ways to improve our process and product performance.

At Cartek, we make a point to test the physical and chemical properties of our incoming raw materials, in-process workpieces, and final products, one batch after another, using advanced hardness testers, coordinate measuring machines, and direct-reading spectrometers. And we regularly calibrate these testing instruments for dependable results.

Shown here is our foundary, which is outfitted with an array of energy-efficient casting equipment. In the cupola furnace, compacted hot air is used to aid combustion, making it possible to produce hot molten iron with temperatures as high as 1,500°C. An automated molding machine, plus advanced casting techniques, ensures excellent molds.

Machining Workshop
With an advanced vertical lathe, 3-axis machining center, and automated machining center, we control the surface precision, parallelism, and flatness of our products. A fully automatic balancing machine makes sure each brake disc has dynamic and static balance.

Packaging Workshop
Prior to packaging, each finished product is cleaned and receives anti-corrosion treatment. Each year, we ship about 2 million brake discs to customers around the world.

Choose Cartek is the right choice. You’ll thank yourself later.

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