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Brake Disc Factory

The brake disc factory was founded in 2007 to manufacture brake discs and brake drums. It covers 46,000 square meters, and has total assets of 32,000,000 Yuan. There are more than 200 pieces of advanced equipment such as CNC lathes and semi-automatic hydraulic lathes, and we have 450 employees, 40 of which are engineering technicians. Every year, we produce more than 1,500 kinds of auto brake discs and drums, and total amount is above 1,400,000 pieces.

  • Factory area
  • Office
  • Machining 1
  • Machining 2
  • Casting 1
  • Casting 2

Casting machine for brake discs: high efficiency casting equipment with adequate air supply and centralized dirt cleaner, the molten iron is above 1,500 degree Celsius.

  • Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Cleaning
  • Spectrometer: test the content of main elements such as C, S, Mn, P and Si.
  • Chemical analyzer: test the content of C, S, Mn, P and Si.
  • Hardness testing machine: test the surface hardness of products
  • Sand testing machine: test the performance of sand

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