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Automotive Air Filter

Clean air is essential for the optimal performance of engines, because small amount of pollutants could bring huge damage to engines. Our air filter is the magic device to bring engines sufficient clean air. In order to achieve efficient combustion of fuel, the amount of air that modern diesel engines demand should be thousands times of fuel amount. Normally, the combustion of 1 gallon (3.79L) of fuel needs 15,000 gallon (56,781L) of clean air. If engines are fitted with turbocharger, the consumption of air would be dramatically increased by 20% or more.

Our air filter is focused on preventing abrasive particulate matter from getting into sensitive components of engines so as to get long engine life. The product adopts imported high efficient filter paper to achieve high clogging capacity and air flow. It is designed to effectively protect engine cylinders, walls, pistons and piston rings of your lovely vehicles. The excellent design with long service life can promote engine performance, increase fuel economy, enhance engine combustion efficiency and reduce gas pollutions.

We supply different types of air filters in accordance with road conditions and auto models. On the basis of media and production process, our dry-type ones include PU types, PP types, ECO types and PT types. They are applicable to all kinds of sedans, business purpose vehicles, heavy vehicles and engineering vehicles.

1. PU Filter

The PU filter, as known as filter cartridges with glue injection, is formed by polyurethane foam molding. Its end caps are made of rubber. The filter media often is made of paper as well as the non-woven fabric. It is of effective filtration, also is flexible and easy to install. PU filters are mainly used for sedans and business purpose vehicles.

2. PP Filter

As its name indicates, this type of air filter is made of PP, and it is typically produced by using injection molding technique. Generally, its filter media is the non-woven fabric. The PP filter features excellent bursting resistance and stability, and it filters dirt, which makes it suitable for muddy roads. Additionally, this product is applicable to sedans.

3. ECO Filter

The ECO filter adopts the ECO non-woven fabric that is environment-friendly. This air filter is mainly used for sedans.

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