Oil Filter

Clean engine oil is the key to constantly offer the best engine performance. Meanwhile, the oil filter plays an essential part to obtain clean oil. The requirements of modern engines are better performance with less consumption. Therefore, all engine components must function at the highest possible levels. If there are impurities and combustion residues contained in circulating oil, premature engine wear would be conducted, even to the extent of engine damage.

The oil filter is engineered to remove harmful contaminants in the oil to protect engines. It has two ways to get the job done.
1) When the oil passes through the filter, it removes some particles from the oil. These particles are attached to the filter paper without clogging pores.
2) Other particles are trapped on the oil filter paper due to the pressure generated when the oil passing through.

Our product adopts high-efficiency filter media imported from America and Korean. It prevents harmful contaminants contained in the oil from damaging key components in engines, such as bearings and crankshafts. The oil filter can minimize the abrasion caused by impurities and carbon deposit, as well as the oil-shortage risk during the high-speed running of engines. Meanwhile it promotes engine power and protects your lovely vehicles the whole time.

We have excellent after-sale service, and we offer some consumable parts within the warranty period FOR FREE!

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