Fuel Filter

Although we have clean combustion of fuel, contamination is still a big challenge for engine fuel system. The high-pressure injection systems in modern diesel engines demand for higher fuel quality. On the basis of increased injection pressure (to at least 2,000 bar) and biodiesel fractions in fuel, efficient particle removing and water separation are becoming more and more significant for protecting engines from abrasion.

Our fuel filter adopts high-efficiency filter media to remove impurities and any water contained in the fuel, thus protects sensitive components inside engines, such as the fuel injection pump and injectors.

The product includes the diesel filter, the gasoline filter, and the gas filter. These types of products are designed to filter contaminants, iron oxide, dust and water inside the engine fuel system, thus protecting fuel injectors, cylinder liners and piston rings by reducing abrasion. Therefore, the reliable function of engines can be ensured.


Diesel Filter
The diesel filter has the same structure as the oil filter, and is classified into the spin-on type and the replaceable type.

This kind of the fuel filter has lower requirements on working pressure and temperature resistance than oil filters. However, it has higher filtration efficiency than the oil ones. The filter media is mainly the filter paper, and sometimes is the felt or high polymer material.

The diesel filter also can be divided into the fuel water separator and the fuel fine filter. As for the fuel water separator, it is the device of separating fuel and water. The operation principal is to take advantages of density contrast between the fuel and the water. Besides, the separator is built with cone-shaped diffusion device and filter screen to further improve separation efficiency.

Gasoline Filter
Another type of the fuel filter is the gasoline filter, which includes the carburetor type and the electronic injection type. Commonly used filter media includes the filter paper, as well as the nylon cloth and high polymer material.

  • Metal housing (located outside fuel tanks)
  • Plastic housing (located outside fuel tanks)
  • Plastic housing (located inside fuel tanks)

As for the carburetor engine, the gasoline filter locates at the inlet fitting of the carburetor, it has less working pressure, so the housing usually is made of nylon. While the filter for electronic injection engine locates on the outlet side of the fuel pump with metal housing, due to larger working pressure.

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