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Automotive Filters

    1. Automotive Air Filter
      The product adopts imported high efficient filter paper to achieve high clogging capacity and air flow. It is designed to effectively protect engine cylinders, walls, pistons and piston rings of your lovely vehicles.
    1. Cabin Filter
      Our product removes pollen and contaminant particles from the air to keep fresh inside the vehicle. This function of our product can be of great benefit for people who are suffering from respiratory allergies and asthma.
    1. Oil Filter
      Therefore, all engine components must function at the highest possible levels. If there are impurities and combustion residues contained in circulating oil, premature engine wear would be conducted, even to the extent of engine damage.
    1. Fuel Filter
      Although we have clean combustion of fuel, contamination is still a big challenge for engine fuel system. The high-pressure injection systems in modern diesel engines demand for higher fuel quality.

The engines to autos is like hearts to human beings, namely, the service life of engines determines the function of autos. Bad driving habits, such as overload, high-speed driving or scram, can be harmful to engines. However, people gradually realize that the most fatal factor is harmful particulate, and the only solution is to install the auto filter.

We are the export manufacturer of various types of filters. We provide all kinds of auto filter such as air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and cabin filters. The first three are for the protection of auto engines. They respectively are the filters for the air intake system, the lubrication system and the combustion system of engines.

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