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We offer following service to regional agents.
1. Technical support.
We have over 30 distribution centers across China, and these centers provide regional agents with technical support.

2. Quality assurance for exported products.
(a). Filters have half year or 5,000km of warranty period, whichever comes first. Free replacements are provided within the warranty period.
(b). Brake parts are regularly tested in accordance with local terrain, driving habits and loading situations. Replacement is provided when necessary.
(c). Warranted service life for brake discs is 40,000km or 1 year. Warranted service life for brake pad is 30,000km or 1 year.

3. Timely and quality service.
Through the joint efforts of our sales, manufacture and technical department, we are capable of answering customer's questions as soon as possible and problems will be solved within 24 hours.

4. Product samples are offered for free, but freights are on customers.

5. Time of delivery
Filters Brake parts Accessories
Time of delivery 40 days after order confirmations 60 days after order confirmations 20 days after order confirmations

6. Customization.
We are delight to receive requests from customers for developing new types of filters and brake discs.

If you are willing to be our regional agents, you are required to have certain market occupation in your local area, and be able to accomplish sales tasks. Our company can offer proper market protection for a reasonable period of time. If targets achieved with smooth cooperation, awards can be given according to your performance and expansion of cooperation can be arranged as well.

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