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Based on functions, filters are classified into four types. The air filters are designed for the air intake system. Oil ones are used for the lubrication system, and the fuel types is for the combustion system of engines. The fourth type is the cabin filter.

When choosing the air filter, it is suggested to choose the paper filter cartridges and the environment friendly paper filter cartridges. The key point lies on the quality of the filter paper. The density of the filter paper, as well as the hardness and flexibility of rubbery hats are the most important factors. Bad quality means lower hardness and flexibility, thus is easy to be torn.

In the brake system of autos, the brake disc and drum are installed at the opposite side of brake pad. They are one of the most essential safety parts and determine the efficiency of brake.

1. Be sure the brake disc and drum come with precision machined surface and quality packaging.

2. The difference in weight should be ranged within 5% of original weight.

3. Always purchase products from original equipment manufacturers or choose branded ones.

According to Shapes
1. Disc brake pad
2. Drum brake pad
3. Heavy truck brake lining

1. Make sure the friction material has smooth surface.

2. No gap in between. Randomly choose two pieces and put them together to see if they are perfectly matched without gap in between. Large gap means unstable brake efficiency, damage to component and high noise level.

3. Always to choose from original ones or famous brands.

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