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Why Us

Products Advantages
1. We are able to offer more than 3,500 different kinds of auto filter and above 2,000 kinds of brake discs and drums, as well as brake pads. Our products are mainly applicable to autos made in Europe, America, Japan, Korean and China.
2. We are constantly in rapid development of new types and new products, and make fast responses to new requirements from markets.

Technical Advantages
1. We are staffed with excellent technical team.
2. We adopt advanced test technology and keep in deep touch with famous international enterprises in industry.
3. We are capable of independent development of special fixtures and related moulds.
4. Our most important advantage is of our casting technique, post inoculation and center-started casting technology. These ensure the optimum performance of our products.

Quality Assurance
1. Our quality assurance system is TS16949 certified, and we strictly comply with TS16949 and ISO9001 quality management system.
2. Our advanced equipment receives regular maintenance from our staff.
3. More than 50% of material is imported from Korean, Japan, America and Germany; the rest is purchased from domestic high-end factories. Therefore, our raw material is of excellent quality and stable performance. In addition, we strictly control every step from material purchase to finished products.
4. The storage adopts the first-in first-out method and the equipment is well-maintained. Products are spot checked by batch, and fully inspected before being packaged.
5. If there are quality problems, the responsible work shifts can be found.
6. The tolerance of product performance parameters can be ranged within 15% of original product performance parameters.

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